Dedicated to Remembering Our Fallen
Sacramento Police and Sheriff's Memorial

Memorial Information

Memorial Park

The Sacramento Police Sheriff Memorial is located at Woodlake Park.

The memorial park was constructed on a three acre parcel of land at Arden Way and Del Paso Boulevard near Woodlake Park. The Woodlake Improvement Club secured a commitment from the City of Sacramento to construct this park and make the necessary improvements. The North Sacramento Land Company donated the land for the memorial. Many union tradesmen donated labor to complete the construction.

The park has a small stage for community events and a playground for children with specialized equipment for children who have disabilities and are physically challenged.

The Park and Memorial also include a memorial tree which was planted in 1935 across the street from the park. The memorial tree was planted in recognition of the sacrifice made by North Sacramento Chief of Police Erskin Fish.

The memorial to the peace officers who have given their lives for the citizens of Sacramento features an obelisk surrounded by colonnades, one for each fallen officer, with a bronze plaque on the top of each colonnade with information on that officer.

Citizens and community groups expressed interest in and gave support in the construction of the memorial park. The Sacramento Tree Foundation planted trees and shrubs to make this a beautiful park for the memorial.

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